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There is a gap in the knowledge and education within the law enforcement community as it pertains to the existent culture of hyper-masculinity. Intersections of socialized hyper-masculinity and critical incidents - job related trauma - contribute to a culture of heightened stress, anxiety, and at times, difficult morale. Unaddressed, these felt experiences perpetrate violence at multiple levels: 1) intrapersonally - poor health at the individual level, 2) interpersonally - how law enforcement members engage with one another, and 3) at the community level - escalated and sometimes avoidable violent behavior between law enforcement and community members. This educational experience works to create a new narrative around masculinity within the culture of law enforcement at the institutional level - one predicated on health, safety and well being. This preventative “ground up” educational program works to enhance a healthier culture, and thus, improve the engagement and relationships between law enforcement and community residents  - helping put an end to violence....

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